OSC Controller module


I’ve been using external tools to send values to vvvv via OSC a lot, and was always a bit frustrated by how tedious it is to manually setup receivers and retrieve values in patch. Which is why this binding feature for Global Channels sounded like very good news :-)

By stealing taking inspiration from the MIDI Controller module, I setup a little OSC Controller that seems to be working fine so far. It’ll allow you to receive primitives values as well as custom datatypes (only tried something simple, you’ll see).

If you wanna test it, clone this repository and have a look a the document in the help folder :

Now I have a bunch of questions :

  • Why doesn’t it work as a nuget? For now, one has to reference OscControllerModule.vl as file. Soon as you rename it to VL.OscControllerModule.vl to make it available as a nuget, when you click the “+” button to add the binding, the channel browser freezes. Can check that in the feature/nuget-again branch.
  • I had to create Ungeneric variants of the OSC Receiver nodes to hook them up to a Channel (Ungeneric). It looks like it’s working but I have almost no idea if what I’m doing is right : can I have feedback on both UngenericOscReceiver and UngenericOscObjectReceiver?

Also if have any other kind of feedback, please say so :-)

Muchas graciasaaaaaasss


Hey seb!

Randall (@ravazquez) and me had been working on the same already. This is the original OSC repository with the hope that this would become the pattern:
Certain (networking) libraries

  • offer a node-set
  • but also offer a module to instruct the same by click-click-configuring some global channels

Sure it’s also an idea to offer this separately, but for the end user, it probably would be nice if there is just one NuGet to install.
Would be good to join forces!

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Ah well I was just doing this POC quickly on my side, of course it makes way more sense to make this part of the library! Will check how you guys went for it, curious to compare :)

Yup, will investigate :)

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I had a quick look at the freeze for now. I pushed a fix to on the NuGet branch.

For designing the library and joining forces and maybe including some of your bits into VL.IO.OSC I’d be up for a call… (Didn’t have a look at the dynamic / non-generic receivers yet).

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