OSC alpha bug: Server enums not working on startup

When loading a patch with an OSC server and an OSC receiver that has a server dropdown, it can’t find the server when starting up the patch.

A video explains it best: https://youtu.be/yH26HW5iBoE

vvvv gamma version: 2020.1.7
VL.IO.OSC version: 2020.1.102-alpha

thanks for the report. i am afraid though i cannot reproduce it. following your steps doesn’t lead to the problem here.

any chance you can upload the .vl file? hoping to be able to reproduce it by loading the file.

the reworked OSC nodes are now shipping with latest previews, see: https://vvvv.org/blog/vl-new-osc-and-tuio-nodes
the enum you mention here has been removed for now. but you can replicate the behavior using S/R nodes.

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