Ord2Enum input exeeding output create nil

Not really sure this is a bug, but it doesn’t follow how vvvv normally work with spreads.

if you have an Enum with eg. 5 entries, and you use Ord2Enum (Enumerations) to select your enums and you feed values higher than the slice index of the last etry in the Enum, then it outputs nil. I would argue that the behavior should be to wrap Around like other times when something like this occur in vvvv.

See patch

Ord2Enum-input-over.v4p (13.2 kB)

you’re right, the nil does not make sense. i’d argue since an enum is not a spread also wrapping wouldn’t be the desired behavior, so i just fixed the clamping that was already in place (only broken).

My bad to use Blend as an example.

But for a current project, I am using an enum as a spread, where it would make sense to have the value wrap around. see attached patch. (38.6 kB)

i’m not sure what you mean. have you tried this with latest alpha? no error there for me.

if it makes sense for you to wrap the enum then you’ll have to wrap the value yourself.