Orbit camera

hi, has something changed with orbit camera, feels like it gets mouse from desktop and not from render window… so I’m patching something and camera moves all around, could be something broken here, thanks!
it works fine with an older addonpack

just tested it and it seems to work fine here. maybe you had a glitch with the mouse button or so? which vvvversion and which addonpack are you using?

it happened when updated to vvvv_45beta33.3_x86
and works ok if I go back to vvvv_45beta33.1_x86…

did a quick test on an old pc here (winxp) and latest camera seems broken also -in a different way- but will do a proper check later on other hardware, thanks

Recognized the same yesterday running beta33.3, too.

yea, u can go inside that modulo, and where it says Mouse, u have to replace Mouse (system desktop) with mouse (renderer), then u will have red window lists in patch but it’s working without it and i’m not exactly sure what it does anyways. Looks like that part of patch is bug fix for a previous version.