Option for angled labels on collection ioboxes

Sometimes it’s useful to make a mini spreadsheet on your patch with spread ioboxes.
Particularly in a helppatch where you just want to give an example data source the end user can play with, you don’t want to implement a UI or import data.

Because the label is always to the right of the iobox this can makes it difficult to see the ‘rows’.
You can manually replace labels with your own text iobox above but still run into problems when your label is wider than the column width.

Request is a right click menu option to move the label origin above the iobox and optionally add an angle.

You could go crazy here and head towards all sorts of features that get you towards a full spreadsheet on your patch.
That would be nice but this request is simply to allow a bit more label customisation.


Often I delete the label and copy it into a text box above the iobox. I would also be happy if the labels could be just above the box.


+1 label above the box. Would be really nice and tidy!

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I propose to go further and consider making labels directly on the cords


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