Optimize windows

I was checking the task manager and just noticed that from the boot the physical memory of the system is very heavy. I am not by any means a windows expert(I mostly use OSX but bootcamped in order to play with vvvv).
Any ideas how the system can be improved?

More info:
when i boot the system i am between 700 and 900 MB of physical memory

if you re using xp , you have the option to optimize the graphical interface for performances
you have the option to not start everything at startup

:::Graphical Interface:::
how to turn your windows from curves blue and green to squared grey n grey

-right click on “My computer”
-go to the 4th tab (sorry i can t read mine it is in japanese)
-click on “Performance Button”
-check the “optimize for performance”


once in windows
go to
-type msconfig

here i guess you d
-go to the tab “startup application”
(not sure i don t have english version, but for me it is one befor the last)

and then

  • uncheck what you re sure you don t need

it will ask to restart

if you can manage that , you can save some resources
but it wont be much if you are using your bootcamp only for vvvv

there is also a tab “services” but i d advise you not to touch it