Hi people,

These topic mainly goes to PC users: how do you optimize your computer? I mean, what changes do you operate in registry or parameters to improve stability and speed (I’m not talking about overclocking but it can be nice to be mentionned)? Have your ever noticed backdraw when optimizing?

I think it would be interesting to compare our experience…

Speaking for myself…:

  • 2.66Ghz dual-core
  • ASUS P5K SE mobo
  • 4GB RAM 800MHz
  • GeForce 8800GT
  • Maxtor SATA HDD
  • 430W power

-Software & registry

  • PAE and 3GB: on
  • Task-scheduler: off
  • XP firewall: off
  • No internet
  • LargeSystemCache: on
  • AlwaysUnloadDll: on
  • Hi perf for forground programs
  • QoS bandwith set to 0%
  • swap size handled by system
  • Disk perfect: off
  • SecondLevelDataCache: 800 (hexadecimal) or 2048 (decimal)
  • POSIX: deleted
  • Indexing service: off
  • ConservativeSwapFile Usage=1 in system.ini
  • NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate: on


swap size is better to be set to a fixed size for ie. min 2048, max 2048