Optimising Pipet array


I’ve attached an example patch which I need to tweak a bit more performance from.

It cosists of a pipet defining the colour of an array of objects representing pixels from a video texture. The array is formed in the z direction by use of a queue meaning that the ‘pixels’ travel through z space over time.

The patch is resource hungry though which seems to be due to pipet having to operate on a pixel again and again as it makes the transition through the queue.

Is there any way to make the pipet only operate on the current frame of video, but then those colour values being stored and moved back through the array as the queue does?

Cheers guys

PipetVideoArray.v4p (15.1 kB)

Hi mrboni

I took a look at your Patch. in stead of using pipet on all the textures in the queue you can use a queue of the measured colors coming out of pipet, this way you only calculate each frame once, no need to recalculate each frame as it is being shifted through the texture queue.

with this approach you don’t even need the texture queue.

see attached patch.


PipetVideoArray_pipet_queue.v4p (16.0 kB)

Brilliant, just what I was after.

Thanks for a speedy response!