Operate on a spread of textures

is it possible in a dx11 texture effect to operate on a spread of textures but only output one?

Ie to calculate the minimum pixel depth for a spread or depth maps

dont think so, but here are some ideas: you can create multiple texture inputs if you have a fixed number, or use a texture array or concat all textures into one big texture…

In general yes texture array is good if you need to access multiple textures dynamically. You could probably also use blend modes in this case though I guess?

yes, for simple operations like +,-,*,min,max you can just use blending

Thanks for the ideas!

Blending will work for one part of the patch - nice one.

Tex arrays should work for the other. Is there an easy way to turn a texture spread into a texture array? The only way I can see would be to arrange multiple views of multiple textured quads using renderer (tex array)