OpenVR / Modifying Controller


i am currently working with a Vive and OpenVR. I am trying to move the controller’s origin (or axis center) to another location in the controller, but no luck so far.

i edited the .obj files origin in the Program Files/steam/steamapps/…/vr_controller_vive_1_5 which is used in the ViveController node, but that obviously only changes the rendered model.

i also looked at the json file in that folder but couldn’t figure out if this is the right place.

if anybody could give me directions on this it would help me a lot.


changing pivot point of the controller mesh would correspond to what in real space ?

i think you need a * (Transform) and a translate node. then multiply the controller transformation with the translation, don’t know in which order but there are only two possibilities…

hi tonfilm,

great, thanks, that helps!

best regards.