OpenUSD support?

Does anybody know of any libraries that would enable writing OpenUSD files from gamma? I still remember this thread on Alembic (Alembic support? - #8 by Timonski), but now it seems like OpenUSD is the way forward, as pretty much everyone is already using or embracing it (Unreal, Unity, Blender, Maya, all the Adobe stuff, even CAD tools, etc…) and the OpenUSD consortium is also made up of some pretty big names (Pixar, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, NVIDIA and the Joint Development Foundation (JDF), an affiliate of the Linux Foundation).

So it’s fair to say that it will be the format of the future.

Is there anything out there that we might be able to use?

Anybody else would be interested in this for gamma?

There are USD C# bindings by Unity. They are available under Apache license. Doing a cursory search I couldn’t find any info on how to build that SDK though. But probably one can “just” install the unity package to get hold of the USD.NET.dll (at least to check it out in the beginning).