I’ve beem trying out the “listemail” and “newsfeed” nodes but in neither case have I been able to gain access to emails (gmail has a atom feed feature).
I’ve tried installing the OpenSSL drivers into the Bin folder - both versions 23 and 24.1 - but I still get a status message from the “HTTP(Get)” node saying “Error connecting with SSL” With “listemail” that shouldn’t matter but I don’t get anything at all.
Has anyone successfully got gmail messages into vvvv (without cutting and pasting)?



Did you ever get this working?

Just tried with gmail and yahoo mail with no joy.

Do you definitely need OpenSSL installed?

Hi mrboni,

Nah, no luck. Tried quite a few different methods fairly recently (which I can’t recall, but basically consisted of trying different plugins and forwarding the emails to non-gmail email accounts, probably some others. It was late) but none of them worked.

Happy to double team on this matter. You in London?


any chance to get SSL working in beta27.1? couldn’t figure out how to install SSL, i followed some old instructions, got the files from , but the bin folder doesn’t exist anymore, so i tried coping the dll files in some locations and from the HTTP node i always get the message “Could not load SSL library.”
p.s. the url used in the newsfeed help patch is broken.

hei boys, sory for late reply.
i had a quick look at this and i am afraid this just doesn’t seem to work. vvvv is using a quite outdated network library here… so i removed the SSL info from the helppatches (and fixed the url in the newsfeed-patch).

in the meanwhile i think it would be quite trivial (for someone with coding background) to realize this functionality as a plugin as in .net this functionality is quite certainly available.

sorry, for the inconvenience.

I know that @phelgma had something in the making, but I´m not sure about the current state…
In the meantime you could try cURL. I used it for some FTP stuff and it worked quite nice.