Hi guys, I seem to be having problems using received numbers from a vvvv patch in max msp.

Got the whole osc thing working ok, numbers are sent in a bundle, unpacked as floats and can be displayed in a flonum box no probs but if I try do anything else with them it doesnt seem to work?

For example, connecting them to a *100 box = 0. (you can change the value in the answer box but it keeps jumping back to zero).

I tried lots of solution in max but nothing seems to work though… There must be something I am doing wrong.

In vvvv, 2 sets of 10 floats are converted to string (AsString), conjugated into one spread of 20 (Cons), encoded using tags /X, /Y, types ffffffffff, ffffffffff (OSCEncoder) and send via UDP over IP, port 4447 (UDP). Check messages say ok.

(images are linked in case they’re too small to see)

In Max received through ¨udpreceive 4447¨, passed through ¨route /X /Y¨ to different outputs and unpacked to floats using ¨unpack f f f f f f f f f f¨.

I can get a float number out but I cant seem to do anything with it.

Help much appreciated!


hmm, but isn’t that a maxmsp issue rather than a vvvv issue?

ye in the end it was, I got it sorted thanks.