OpenNI nodes gone?

Hey all

I need to do something rough with an IR camera, and I’d like to use one of my PrimeSense-like devices (Asus / Orbbec) for the job.

However, I noticed that there are no longer nodes for OpenNI.
We still have the help patch in the addonpack, but ‘kinect.dll’ is missing. (that was probably not the best name for that file!)


There doesn’t appear to be any recent chatter about OpenNI in the forums, so maybe they just dropped out of compatability at some point and never used again?

Does anybody remember a version of vvvv which still has OpenNI nodes (+ ideally DX11 nodes also)


they’re still there in x86 (can’t get them working out of the box - but it’s a start!!)

hei elliot,

according to our missing in x64 builds page OpenNI was never working there. seems we only forgot to remove the helppatches from the x64 downloads.

please note though that we have the following new offerings for depth cameras:

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