Opening an editor extension crashes vvvv

Hey there,

Since 5.3-306, opening any editor extension throws the following error. When clicking OK, vvvv instantly crashes.


In Windows’ Event Log, I can see this error message :

Application: vvvv.exe CoreCLR Version: 6.0.2423.51814 .NET Version: 6.0.24 Description: The process was terminated due to an internal error in the .NET Runtime at IP 00007FFDE28A25B9 (00007FFDE26D0000) with exit code c0000005.

It works totally fine in 5.3-302.

Here’s a capture of the issue with 306 and 302 :

Thanks in advance!

Can confirm for 5.3-310 when trying to open logging or errors/warnings windows. Not getting an explicit exception though.

Can you confirm that when you start vvvv.exe directly (not from within the launcher) it works?

Confirmed. Just double-clicked vvvv.exe 5.3-310 and got no crash.

First I’m starting vvvv.exe directly, cimgui.dll is loaded from the right location. Now look at the 2nd attempt through the launcher, it takes the one from the launcher? Jesus…going for lunch now.

Eh :)

That’s weird. Let me know if I can do anything to help troubleshooting this one.

According to Dynamic-link library search order - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn point 11) it uses the “current” folder. My guess is that when the launcher starts the vvvv.exe process the current folder is the folder of the launcher exe.
It would therefor be good if you could update the launcher so that is uses a different “current” folder when launching the exe, but since it will take quite a while until everyone has a new launcher we’ll also modify our build so that cimgui.dll is either beside the exe or we will pre-load it internally from the used VL.ImGui package.

Do I get it right that the Current Folder pin of the Executor should be set the the folder containing vvvv.exe?

That would probably be a good option yes

Noted, will make an issue. Thanks for the update.

Hey @Elias, just added that behavior to GammaLauncher. How can I check which cimgui.dll is loaded, so I can check it fixes the issue? Thanks.

Hmm best check with that version you were using back then (because we added a workaround as well in newer versions). I don’t know about any nice tool to see the loaded dlls of a process. I usually use procmon setting the filter to the dll I’m interested, or visual studio with native debugging options enabled - but not sure whether that works on a running process.

You can use Process Explorer. Here is a short how to.

Good to know, thanks!