OpenFameworks and V4

I would like to have a interface (may be like Freeframe plugins) for OpenFrameworks code. Sounds very promising and could open us doors to advanced Image Recognition

Look behind OpenFrameworks curtains

I think theoretically it should be possible to use the com interface for that!? I don’t know, maybe ask joreg for more details. … anyway - I would also love to use the power of c++/openframeworks in vvvv.


what exactly are you looking for? if i understand it right, for advanced image-stuff openframeworks also uses OpenCV which can already be easily used in vvvv via freeframe.

ja, via the COM interface some more magic could be possible…but that needs some more research…which needs a reason still.

Im not looking for something special, I just stumbled over it again and thought it would be awesome to integrate it because they are going to brew a rising community and library for OpenFrameworks. With this in back its easier to get some solutions (as we know and love with V4 communitiy). Thats why its probably better than OpenCV only.
So, its just an idea and told dream ;) (I cant program C++ at all, right now ;D