Opencv masking image parts

Hello, I am looking for a possibility to mask an opencv cam stream. If I convert a dx11 or dx9 stream into an opencv imagelink is this mostly broken. Someone an idea how I can make this? I have the problem that a picture area has has aview light irradiation I do not want to evaluate.

Could keying be of some help?
Also, if it’s bright, you could try with a shader to work with saturation and value\lightness (so working with hsv\hsl color model, rather than with rgb; there are functions to convert from rgb to hsv\hsl in colorspace.fxh) and turn those pixel to black or make their alpha = 0 or…
Obviously, stream noise could be a real pita, the one with chili peppers, you know.

I can do this things ln in DX11, but I can’t go back to opencv. the image iappear black or glitched after one opencv image node. (the output from asImage looks ok). I need a way to fill some areas with black direct in opencv.

Yes, you are right, I didn’t take in account all the pipeline.
But you know how the internet is, no? To get the proper answer, post the wrong one…

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