OpenCv and FreeFrame

Hi everyone !

I have a problem with my FreeFrame project, when I built a Template or TemplateExt, codeBlocks creates the .dll and works fine,
but when I built a TemplateExtOpenCV, codeBlocks creates the .dll without erros but when I drag it to vvvv window, the freeframe doesn´t works just it is not visible.

I have tried a lot of links to OpenCV with codeBlock but nothing works.

Pleace I need help!!


what version of opencv (1/2) do you use?


Hi thanks for your answer !

I have tried with OpenCV 1 , 2 and 2.1, and codeblocks 8.02 in a windows 7 64bits

helo torototo,

please update the sourcecode, i made some fixes, works now for me with OpenCV 1.0 and codeblocks 10.05 on win7/64.

Hi joreg,

Thanks for your help!!!

The problem is gone!!! :)

This is the way that I connect OpenCV 1.0 and CodeBlock 10.05