Open subpatch at correct screen

Is it possible to force vvvv to open subpatches at the correct screen?
what is the correct screen, you may ask.
correct screen is definetely not the one with the fullscreen renderer.

i would like to see, that the opened subpatches are at the screen where the nested (just right-clicked) subpatch is.

i know a lot of workarounds, yes…
but the correct behaviour would help a lot, thank you.

the thing with subpatch windows is that they open at the position that you saved them. only when such a position is outside of the desktop they are clamped to show up at least some pixels inside.

so we’d have to build in some magic: if a renderer is running in fullscreen then make sure to open any window that would be behind that fullscreen in a different location. probably possible…but…hm…