Open rtsp in VL from a DVR

I am looking for a way to open a RTSP stream from a DVR in VL

Also, becaise I do not have a “valid stream” to test at the moment ( I do have at home where I do have the DVR ) I will need something to simulate a RTSP source, I did try the OBS server , I do have audio but no video…

Is there any working implementation in VL, or do we need to use a bride like
IP Video Source: 64-bit version, resolution flexibility, Adobe FMLE – Fooling Around or WebCamXP ? did anyone have experience on this topic?

OK I found a quick solution to this problem
I can use SplitCam to view the rtsp stream, and rout it to a virtual webcam that can be used in beta/gamma
The app can be set up to open with windows on try, and auto load the stream, that’s great
But if the connection is lost, I loose the stream

As a second workarround, with just a simple Bat file It can be solved
TASKKILL /F /IM splitcam.exe
“C:\Program Files\SplitCam\10\splitcam.exe”
The “reload” takes 2 seconds and the virtual camera is not interrupted from the gamma side, so the app can stay active

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