Open patch without evaluating

Hallo, it would be useful to be able to open a patch in non evaluating mode. Right now if I have a patch having some issue, typically a null somewhere or enumeration not available etc., anything that would make it crash, I can create a patch, not evaluating it, then open the patch with issues within it, fix the problem and reevaluate.
Maybe a command option to open it in on evaluating mode …

maybe you can create a new node, de-evaluate it and then drop the broken node inside?

That´s what I was saying in the OP, but I was suggesting a feature request.

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Hey IO!

Sorry this is off topic, but I am a developer working on an app for the Ricoh Theta S app. I saw your post about your trials with the live preview functionality of the Ricoh Theta S. Did you ever get the live preview to work? What boundary name did you use for your post requests?

Again, I am sorry this is off topic IO.

It didn’t go anywhere, please open a new thread and let’s take it from there

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