neither OnOpen (VVVV) nor any node with a ‘Bang On Create’ option bangs on open / creation in 40beta17. workaround, anyone?

Wow!! When did that happen?

onopen.v4p (2.9 kB)

but this one works…

open_monoflop.v4p (1.3 kB)

jepp, tonfilm’s works

edit: west’s isn’t working on 14.9

wests patch also does not increment on beta16

Now it gets funny, an Onopen with counter but NO IObox connected gives a ‘1’ when you hoover above the output pin!!

onopen-2.v4p (2.4 kB)

… and it works with a framedelay between. looks like some values are not requested in the first frame…

onopen_framedelay.v4p (2.7 kB)

14.9 : onhover: nothing
14.9 : framedelay is working

I came across this with S+H had to add a load more avoid nulls to get a patch to work properly!

hmmmm… no text …

onopen_framedelay.v4p (5.5 kB)

  • fixed a major bug: seems that all patches didn’t evaluate correctly in the first frame.

  • fixed the counter bug: now it resets to the default value in the first frame and after that checks up/down pins to change values from there.