Only some MIDI files work in VAudio / Any midi export guidelines for use with vaudio?

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I’m having problem loading “some” midi files into vaudio, not sure why… using the MidiFilePlayer node.
My mate made 4 midi files for a project we doing with vaudio and those work fine. Then he goes on different computer and he tries to make more midi sequences and those midi files now don’t work. Although they work if played on windows media player or some shit, but not in v4.

So are there any guidelines on exporting midi for v4?

I know he can go back to other comp and it prob will work but we are actually gonna get other artists to make midi sequences for us and so it would be nice to know some export guidelines setting like specific midi format or some shit for usage in vaudio.

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ai evvvvil, it would be great if you could post a working and a non-working file to see whats the difference…

Indeed joreg, sorry here is attached, the file that works is: Synth_1Midiclip_1.mid and the one which doesn’t work is called: ClippRS_6_125.mid.
Also forgot to mention i am pushing this midi data to synth1 vst with vaudio.

I have spoken to Kyle (everyoneishappy) and he did some test and it seems that one midi file has the CC channel and one doesn’t; the one without doesn’t work. I tried reducing number of channel on MidiFilePlayer but still didn’t work.

Kyle explained that this is probably a requirement from synth01 than a vaudio midifileplayer node bug… I am gonna be running some test and will report.

EDIT: Those two midi files were created with same software (LOGIC) but on two different MAC computers, I suppose those are different versions of Logic or they just have a different default setting for mid export.

EDIT2: This is to confirm that after some research it really seems that this midi CC channel thing is a requirement of the VST that I am using rather than a vaudio requirement or bug! So all groovy in the vaudio bro-bro.

Cheers! (5.6 kB)