Only grey renders

i’am new here.
I installed the newest version of vvvv on my computer:

Windows xp sp2
direktX9c (oktober)
Radeon 8500 series Omega drivers
Amd Athlon 1.5 GHz
512 RAM

everything works fine, but i only have grey
ex9 renders and I dont know why?

please create a Renderer (TTY) before creating a Renderer (EX9) and tell us what the tty spits out.

that’s what he say:

00:00:24 * : a resource couldn’t be created because of the following reasons:
Alpha in texture pixels is not supported. Your texture format (A8R8G8B8) has alpha.

ok. this is a known problem

oschatz, did the fix work?

there is one thing to check in Control Panel -> Display -> Settings:

color resolution must be 32 Bit.

the color resolution is 32 Bit.