Online file sync

…like foxmarks

i have 1 pc @work, 1 pc @home, 2 Laptops, and often i patch something on other peoples pcs.

would be a really great feature to keep all modules, shaders synced automatically!

or has somebody an idea how to patch this?

should be possible to patch something if the files are shared over network. compare all v4ps for equal filenames, read out modification date and copy the new one - just in theory though. not checked yet.
for the checking equals within spreads of strings with different spreadcount i should have a module lying around.

but from the title i guess you’re talking about an online solution. maybe it’s doable with http post and a php script saving the xml…

… and of course, there are professional tools for that.

you could try M$ Synctoy.

somebody around here with experiences therewith?

thought about using a revision control system, like subversion or cvs?


then again, there has always been the idea of having a semi-automatic, categorized, public/private online patch repository that you can upload your stuff into, share it with others, revive & co-develop it… say, press CTRL+4 to upload this patch to the global patch store. Add some standard info in an about (patch) node.

Perhaps nowadays, instead of writing a proprietary server-side script for it, one might do a google base/sourceforge/ to accomplish this?

erm, any volunteers?

btw, synctoy does the job as you outlined, but seems a little restriced in terms of GUI compared to, say, syncback. while subversion / cvs etc are certainly powerful, they might be configurational overkill (but I’m not a developer)

Personally I think offline folders aren’t so bad to keep a laptop in sync sometimes.

had a look into synctoy today.
hhhhhm, is not really comfortable. one could use it to sync to USBstick, same clicks again at the next computer. and again for the laptop. the more computers, the more clicks.

at the moment i do the old “i send an email to myself” Trikk everytime i finished a new module. easy and safe. you can’t delete everything by accident.

the global patch library would be a fine thing, too. for sure. but thats not the same. i have lots of modules that are really special; i have modules which are too messy to show them…; i have modules which i don#t want to post for other reasons.

the usability of foxmarks is exactly, what i 'd prefer.
my private account of patches,modules.

hey, don’t worry: i won’t stop contributing my modules!