One more time: which graphics card

wow tonfilm! That indeed was the problem. How come the YUV isn’t working with this machine, but with the others?

thats a secret only joreg can reveal… :)

should be due to different codecs used when using the different videotexture nodes…

codecs are chosen automatically by directshow depending on whats available and some graphic-hardware parameters. so differences in soft- and hardware can cause different codecs chosen and therefore lead to different results.

To give this thread the update. I am selling the notebook again. It’s not possible to disable Optimus in BIOS. After countless hours of research, contact with schenker and nvidia support, I couldn’t find a solution for my Need to find a notebook without Optimus. Would you go with nVidia or AMD? Are the Radeon mobility cards still having troubles with effects?

@drehwurm, as i said before ;) no trouble with macbook pro on bootcamp. no optimius, sturdy case, best windows laptop in my opinion. there must be a reason why most of the node visitors had one.