One more basic question for beginner


I am a new user of vvvv and I have some basic questions to ask.
I have read and done the basic tutorials but I still cannot figure out how to patch what I need.

Here is what I need :

I want, on a stage, via a videoprojector, to project images and videos that correspond to my set (basic things like doors, tables and windows etc.)

I think I need to map my images and videos on 2d or 3d objects in vvvv but I don’t have a clue of how to do that.

I am far away from succeeding since I still don’t manage to load a picture or a movie in the renderer module.

Please give me some advice on how to do all of that or where I could find some tutorials and help files corresponding to my needs.

Thank you verymuch indeed.

create a FileTexture (EX9.Texture) node, select it and press F1 to see its helpfile.
then you should get an idea about it.

the helpfile of VideoTexture (EX9.Texture) VMR9 is a bit larger…

Thanks to you I can now map a pict or a movie on a quad or a sphere and I can move and transform these objects.

Now I need your help in order to map (my jpg or video texture) on more than 1 quad so I can start to build my set.

For an exemple, I need to build 2 quads next to each other with different transform settings and I need my video to map and spread onto these two objects at the same time.

Is it possible ?

Thank you :)

yes, of course.

artcontr.v4p (14.0 kB)

Thank you so much this is great we are close from what I need.

One last (I hope) thing.

I need to transform each quad separately.
First I searated the “quad transform” from the “texture transform” not to affect the texture itself when I transform my quad.

Now I guess I have to use setslice some how to make the transformations independant from one quad to an other.

My problem is that if I use setslice before transform I can only modify 1 tramsform parameter from 1 quad and this is not what I need.

I hope I was clear…

Thank you very much !

artcontr2.v4p (10.2 kB)

why the last thing?
ask whatever you want.
that’s what the vvvvorums are made for!

there are manifold ways to work with spreads.
that’s one vvvv’s biggest advantages compared to other graphical programming systems.
all pins of SetSlice (Spreads) are fully spreadable; have a look at its helpfile. so you also can fill the index pin with arbitrary data.
some very useful links for you:
Tutorial Spreads
Tutorial SpreadsII
and at User Tutorials you’ll find several tut.s regarding e.g. BinSize and the very interesting SpreadingSpreads.

i think now you have much to play around

keep asking!
(and “spread” the spirit of vvvv…)

Okay ! I need your help again.

I did my homework and I an now able to split videos and pictures over lots of simple quad and move around each of them even in 3d !!!

Well I’m kind of proud of myself but still faaaar away from my goal.

I need now to do the same thing but on 3d objects I import as .x

I found the XFile box but even in the F1 help patch I cannot apply my texture or even see the defaut object (v.x).

I need you to show me the way, I’m sure it’s basic things but I’m stuck.

Thanks a lot in advance.

the XFile (EX9.Geometry) Load is known to have a (few) bugs.
search the site if you want.
but i don’t think thats the problem.

a good thing would be to create a Renderer (TTY) which may help you debugging.

you are referring to “v.x” which can be found somewhere here.
this .x-file simply doesn’t contain any texture coordinates so a texture cannot be mapped onto it!
connect a VertexDeclaration (EX9.Geometry) Mesh to see what i mean. compare with the Teapot (EX9.Geometry) , which has them.

of course there is a workaround that might help:
a module “Repair (EX9.Geometry Texture UV Data).v4p” which can be found here: kalle.Modules.EX9.Geometry. set enable=1.

guess who had similar problems once…

I experimented a few things with your repair module, it really makes life easier thanks a lot.

If I am back here it is because the more I learn, the less I know…

and I need a few tips about a patch I am doing for a project.

I created a new topic to make the forum more understandable.


(ok I still am :-(

Thank you kalle, without you I would have probably abandonned vvvv.

my question : HERE