One input to more output

how can I switch one input in more exits, choosing which gone out to activate? the input can be type value or node.

Have a look at the very flexible node : stallone(spread). And be sure to check all its parameters (CTRL+I)

For values you might want to use Switch (Output).

Be a bit more specific on what you want to expect from this. Should the inactive output remain the old value, or jump back to some initial state?

thanks for the suggestions

for the input “value” the output have to return to the preceding state (the block switch (output) instead he leaves the last brought values).
for the input “node” I have an output “matrix transform” and when I choose an output the other ones they have to return to the initial state.

A combination off a Peakspread, Stalone and some switches could help you here. Try and get in contact with the vvvv community !!

StateSwitch.v4p (23.4 kB)

temporarily I have connected the input to all the blocks, and I activate only the blocks that interest me.
when I have so many subpatches but they are not connected to the rendering, do they occupy resources?

Thanks still.

Subpatches that are not shown do use CPU power.

All my subpoatches have an On/Off button, that sets high spreadcounts to 0, like you can read here: HowTo Optimize Performance.

Be carefull for the NIL (emptyspread), might cause weird behaviour in some nodes, like the inputmorph (color).