Once again... memory overflow with tonfilms sliders

hi there,

back in the days, we had that discussion aboun tonfilm´s slider package and a massive memory overflow…

there where some workarounds with UNDO-node and and a statement, that now they dont write into undo-buffer anymore…

ok - i didnt kept track of this - but now i want to use this again — and the problem is still there…

if you move a slider in the render-window- everything is fine. but if you use that “set value”-option - then watch for your ram…

vvvv.exe takes more and more ram - but it dont flushes when you switch “set value” to off or dont send any values…

i have the latest addon-pack installed - gui2d.dll should be up to date

is there any point i missed - any solutions?

thanks ahead

Could you upload a sample patch showing how you are using them?

I have used them without troubles by avoiding spreading in beta 23

take the helppatch from slider ;)

change “set value” from bang to toggle

connect a LFO to 2nd pin “value input”

connect a select with 24 variables (1) to that lfo and watch the taskmanager…

+1mb per 10sek

by avoiding spreads (sending only one lfo to 1 slider) vvvv.exe grows also in ram…

why are you using a toggle instead of a bang ?

the proper way is ^code:
[your input value](your input value) > Change > [SetValue}.

writting continuously a value will at one moment give conflict by reading it from other nodes…

thanks for the report, i just had the code open yesterday. i will look into that matter.

karistouf: your right - normaly i do it right that, but it doesnt make any difference - i use this for visual feedback of my midi controller (+ to have the abiliy to change values via mouse).

it was only an example, so that the value grows faster ;)

tonfilm: thanks ahead… ;)

Tonfilm: any News or workaround ?

not yet… had to pass the matter on, as its deeper in the vvvv code as expected. fingers crossed!

oui, that was a proper leak. thanks. fixed.