On Opening Beta13.1 patch in 14

00:00:10 * : [event.call: error occured in TMFlipFlopNode](event.call: error occured in TMFlipFlopNode): preparing slicecount of node FlipFlop (Animation) lead to recursion. (Y:\vvvv33_trunk\src\core\Graph.pas, Zeile 1002)
00:00:10 * : [event.call: error occured in TMToggleNode](event.call: error occured in TMToggleNode): preparing slicecount of node Change (String) lead to recursion. (Y:\vvvv33_trunk\src\core\Graph.pas, Zeile 1002)

I get these errors, any ideas?

ai cat, which patch?

A massive patch!
I could go through and try and load subpatches till I find it?
Also get
00:00:07 * : [validatevalue: error occured in ](validatevalue: error occured in ): Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 004031A8 in Modul ‘vvvv.exe’. Lesen von Adresse 00000000
00:00:05 * : [C:\iBAR\SRC\START-MASTER.v4p, Inspektor (VVVV) (ID: 1)](C:\iBAR\SRC\START-MASTER.v4p, Inspektor (VVVV) (ID: 1)): Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 0040799E in Modul ‘vvvv.exe’. Lesen von Adresse 6E6F6420

But at least one of those is the inspector which is always a bit flakey, its got saved in there because we start in root…

Or I could, email the whole patch?
Nothing I’ve found seems broken yet, but it might take a while to find if there is!

oh, nono, no whole patches.

please narrow the problem down to the simplest erroneous patch. this way it should be possible for us to fix it.

Heres the first that gives a trunk error, theres more that give different errors based on flip flop, I’ll find those and update…

Heres some more, still havent found the ones I posted above yet…

this last one is a no longer used bit of patch but gives the flip flop errors, seems to be a recursion thing, and there are some frame delayed things going on but…

renderer2.v4p (20.5 kB)
errors.zip (8.3 kB)
errorsFlipflop.zip (33.7 kB)

sori cat, this is still much too much.

please take the time and reduce the problem to a single patch with as view nodes as needed to reproduce the error. find out which one node is the last you can delete so that the error no longer happens. document the patch with that information, post it here and tell us everything we need to do to cause the error.

if you have such a reproducible case we’d be glad to look at it.

Here goes
This Patch gives this error. (beta15)
Havent found the trunk errors so far in beat15

00:19:40 * : [event.call: error occured in TMTogEdgeNode](event.call: error occured in TMTogEdgeNode): Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 005E6608 in Modul ‘vvvv.exe’. Lesen von Adresse 00000000

error1.v4p (4.1 kB)

I have other errors like the above, most seem to be related to R and S nodes, ie when I delete them the error goes.
The trunk errors have gone in this beta Woo Woo!

ai cat,

error1.v4p doesn’t show much here. you could help us by reporting your findings more precisely.

your patches should always contain:

  • as few nodes as needed to reproduce the error
  • a Renderer (TTY) that shows the error
  • a short description what needs to be done to cause the error

the thing is, that we are well aware of many of those random error issues but simply are missing precise ways to reproduce them, which we need to be able in order to debug it. therefore telling us that you have an event.call error is not as helpful as telling us exactly how you got it.

thanks anyway and keep on digging!

error1.v4p diplays the error on loading, I’ve taken as many nodes out as I could before the error didspears, its seems pretty random!!
TBH the trunk errors were the ones that worried me, event calls pop up fairly regulary,

fixed for now