On Opening a node you should be focused on that region

I just opened a node in ParaLib, which has 12 or 13 regions in it, but as it wasn’t focused on the region I opened, it took a while to find it, should the patch open and pan to the region you had selected when you call open?

jep, if that doesn’t work, it is a bug. and i think i’ve seen it myself not happening the first time you do it but only all other times…

ah…and meanwhile there is Ctrl+F to help you find things in a patch…

and also: was with this with b35.8 or is it possible that you used a post-node17 alpha? i cannot reproduce it in b35.8 but only in latest alphas. can you confirm that? if you have a specific case to reproduce that would be great.

in b35.8 using paralib, happened the next time I went had a look too, but can’t remember which node it was, I’ll try and look tomorrow, but it didn’t centre on the region when I clicked it and it was already open.

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