Old "hot button" issue


I’ve just started making with my first steps with VVVV and having written down all the basic exercises I wanted to do do before I hooked it up to a camera or dmx controller.

Numero uno was to find a way to to bang toggles (press a button) that correspond with a particular colour. So press a toggle for red and the box turns red. Press the button for green and the box turns green etc. I wanted to do 4 buttons with 4 Colours

All suggestions I’ve read point to linking each “toggle iobox” with different colour-ioboxes going through some sort of switch, or get a slice with “getslice” from a spread of colours and use that output. I understand that I have to change the index number that “getslice” will output but I can’t figure out how I can switch between those index number using my toggles

So, long story short, how can I link slices to individual toggles. You can see the button system I was able to come up with, so I can switch one button on for the others to g off and I hope someone may find it useful, but the “switch” node doesn’t allow the kind of thing I’m trying. Sorry if this soemthing you feel have been covered but I’ve seen look for an example for te past few days and I still can’t think of a solution.

Thanks in advanced,


True switcher2.v4p (27.1 kB)

Just to add, here are my examples of what I can understand about slice finding and stuff.


Colour Switching with IObox and SwitchNode.v4p (9.2 kB)

Just one more. Kind of shows how I’ve been trying.


Inputs with disconections.v4p (31.4 kB)

Hi Hannah,
If I understand what you are wanting to do, then maybe you could make friends with the Multi Flipflop node?

I attached a version of your patch using this node.

ColorChange.v4p (7.5 kB)

Phew! That was driving me mad. There are quite a few different switching methods in this program I’m just beginning to find. The hugest thankyou E1IH!


hi hannah,

Select (Color) may be a bit confusing at first.
but keep it in mind, because it is very versatile.