Old custom enum entries somehow survive F9

hi all,

my patch adds custom enums based on assets in folderstructures on startup. Now, if I change some assets and press F9 all old enums somehow are somehow still available. Closing the patch does not work, I have to close and re-open gamma so that the old enums are gone.

Yes, they are global. Think of audio driver or video input, if you close one vl document, it should not be deleted for all other documents. If you need that, you can put a clear on Dispose of your app patch.

It is possible to manage them per app/document. But at the time this option wasn’t available and would require a lot of work.

how do I do this? I just found the “try dispose” like it is used inside regions

You create the Dispose method in your app patch and then you can assign things to Dispose. Like to Create or Update. This will be called on stop or close. There you can clear your entries.

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