Oh, another one: vga voodoo, veird

just posting this in the hope someone has made a similar expereince:

I plug in the one VGA-cable, Laptop goes “Kaplumm (Hardware Connected)”, shows extended desktop on projector. Like, always. Normal.

I plug in the other VGA-cable (the long one, the one I need), Laptop goes “… (nope)”, and when I tell it to activate the 2nd display it totally and stubbornly insists I have three displays connected.

Yep, as if I’m running some TripleHead Setup. Now, I once did and the Matrox stuff is still on the system but how in the world can this be related to a cable??

Can it?

did you check the cable with another computer ? this sounds like a cable problem to me… try to get another long vga cable…

oh, btw always a good idea to uninstall the matrox stuff once you have set up the triplehead, it does weird stuff to windows.

I keep the installer in my tools folder next to the vvvv folders. then I install it when I need to change resolution and then uninstall again once it’s done.

Probably not be related to the cable problem, but worth a try.

uninstalling is not necessary just rename PowerDesk to PowerDesk1 in ur program files

clever one antokhio

Thanks for the replies, going to try the Renaming!
Was the cable length, though. Lesson learned: those signals are not one-way. Ideally, a computer recieves a “Hey, I’m here, my valid resolutions are …” from the projector. But just not in a HD, longish VGA, shit-ass Vista Laptop scenario. So, yeah, it reverted to the last time it was explicitely told valid resolutions which was with a Triplehead.

Well, it’s a little fun installtion I wanted to do for a while and it’s in the window of an empty shop around the corner, so my solution today was to “fuck this, I get my real computer” :)