Ode geos 2d?

is there any patch like the tonfilm´s ones but only for working in 2d?

I´m trying to interact with a camera and simple objects.
Is posible to do that with attractors?

thanks a lot

hi, vux made a plugin for 2d physics:

Thanks tonfilm ;) and thanks too for the ode geos 3d ones

Hey, anybony knows how to run this plugins?
i´ve extracted to my plugin directory, when i open the patches i can see the plugin nodes but nothing appears in the render screen.

i´m running the beta 20

thanks a lot

hi lasal,

perhaps you should go to beta 21, which is really good.

I´m thinking on it but some of my patches doesn´t run well on it, decreasing fps


hello, just to confirm, that beta 21 is required to run box2d nodes.

Have fun :)

Thanks VUX, i´ve installed the beta 21 and the box2d is really interesting.

But my stuff runs 5-10 fps slower :S

return to beta 20, the most regular and fast version for me.

thanks a lot

hi lasal, i made something like that for a work, i used the odegeos, and a contour on videoin. Then every point of contour was converted in a spheregeos, so i can use the collision detection of the geos instead of attractors. the result is not perfect, but goes well. For the 2d i simply put the camera really far with a large amount of zoom, so the prespective is very very parallel (and it seems 2d)

Hi Screamer!

This is a good idea, i will try it.

Thanks a lot ;)