Ocean Shader! texture or bumpmap problem?

Hi there,
I’m using ocean shader (Ocean Shader | vvvv) for my own project,
but the renderer doesn’t always show expected result.

To be specific, the renderer in the original “Ocean Shader” patch shows, of course, the ocean with no problem. However the problem occurs when I open the patch saved with other new nodes I added onto the original shader patch. The ocean doesn’t show its texture or bumpmap.
I actually haven’t figured out if the problem is FileTexture or bumpmap stuffs, but I can definitely see at the edge of the ocean that it is flowing.
It flows, but with no texture. It just looks like a huge polygon slowly changing its form.

There’s no problem until I save and close the patch with new nodes.
The problem is that I don’t see the texture or bumpmap when I open it again.

Any comments to this issue?
Thanks in advance!

This is what it looks like when opened again.

Most likely some relative texture paths are wrong after saving to a different location. Check the filetexture valid pin whether they are loading properly / point again to the right files. Did you change the cubmap texture (not showing in your screenshot) Is it a proper cubemap / is the filetexture node set to cubemap in inspektor? Otherwise hard to tell without seeing the patch and your changes.

Thanks a lot @tgd!
I also wanted to show you the nodes i got but I am a newbie, couldn’t upload more than one picture lol…
but your reply really helped!
I think the problem was that each time I save the patch the directory wasn’t always the same, sometimes outside the folder where it is supposed to be.

Thanks again!

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