Occurrence (String) bug


i think i found a bug in the very handy Occurrence (String)

TTX throws the following:

00:04:52 ERR : Occurrence caused error in Evaluate: Methode nicht gefunden: “Boolean VVVV.PluginInterfaces.V2.IDiffSpread`1.get_IsChanged()”.

sorry that i can’t provide a helppatch - to reproduce:

  • create some patch with many strings in an IObox (some double entries)
  • now, let it go through Occurrence (String) to find doubles etc.
  • save the patch, close vvvv and open the patch again --> bug & red node … from now on the node is “broken” and can’t compile again

testet with beta 25.1 and alpha 25.2

try to upload a demo patch in the next minutes

here’s the demo-patch

now, i’ve seen that the bug seems fixed in 25.2 (from 29.06.)

maybe false alarm…

occurenceBug.v4p (8.5 kB)

oi sebl

can’t confirm that bug, neither with 25.1 nor newest alpha.
furthermore the tty message looks more like some internal stuff…

rewritten for binsize it anyways. this bug should be gone

yeah… no text …