ObjectEditor and custom editor don't behave the same way with Strings

hey hey,

This is on 5.3-260.

Let’s say I have a Channel<ApplicationModel> that has a String. If trying to edit that model with the ObjectEditor, strings don’t get written to my Channel unless I press Return with the field selected.

If I patch an Editor myself using ImGUI widgets, it gets updated every time the value changes. See the following capture

Patch is attached here for reference

ObjectEditorFailingWithString.vl (24.1 KB)

Thanks in advance!

edit Maybe some Flag is set on the one that gets instantiated by the ObjectEditor?

The object editor uses the flag ImGuiInputTextFlags.EnterReturnsTrue. If we set it as default then we’d need to add a new pin on the Input node to “unset” it should the current behaviour be desired.