Object Oriented 3D Models


I would like to create a particle system, with each particle being a different 3D model, with it’s own properties (Position, velocity, model path, texture path, size…).

I can create the system using VL (using for example the _DynamicParticles girlpower).

But for the rendering, I have to use VVVV.
I can transmit the Position/Size values from VL to VVVV.

But model path are not spreadable in VVVV.

So at the moment, my workaround is to create one SceneFile+Mesh+Constant per Model.
Not really clean, since I would like to have hundreds of different models, and keep this number dynamic, to easily add new models from the Windows Explorer…
The models are in .dae format.

Is CraftLie the solution for this?
Or am I missing something in the VVVV/Dx11 pipeline?


Well SceneFile isn’t spreadeble, only geometry file node is spreadeble. It isn’t great for collada since you also need to have transforms, but should work with obj.

If you want your particle system work fast you have to go investigate dx11/girlpower/ instancing example (or batch)

In concept that exactly how it should work. It is a getslice per particle transform with mesh index but on GPU

Many thanks @antokhio !
Using the GeometryFile node + Obj file is the right lead for me.

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