Object detection

How can I get x, y, width, height separately as data spread from Object Detection? Or how can I use it as separate vector.

How do I split the rectangles data from the objectdetector ?

Rectangle split vs for each loop?

How to get the data out of the spread section ?

You need to do for each item

Try this

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in opencv

Output data when I use objectdetector spread collections rectangle

I didn’t understand how to convert this to vector. (spread, collections, vector) Can you help me in detail with this code?

@NEFES, like @antokhio suggested you need to connect the Spread to a ForEach region and process them individually, I suggest you familiarize yourself with spreads, collections and the different regions in gamma before attempting more advanced things. The help browser is a great source of information, the Gray Book linked by @antokhio is also a great resource.

Try this guide on ForEach regions for a start:

Once you have a single Rectangle inside the Foreach region you can use Rectangle operations such as Split to get the information within.

Thank you so much. I finally made it :))))))))))

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