Obj importer questions

Hi there,

I was following the exchange format discussion and everything that has been said about geometry import export.

Currently I have the problem that I am exporting .obj files
and want to reopen them in vvvv with DX11.

In this attachemend there are two obj files that I wrote with vvvv.
They are actually opening in all other 3d programs without problem except vvvv.

I am not sure if the assimp geometry loader needs any specific obj layout.
Did someone manage to export obj and import it again in vvvv?

I used this structure

and also tried as proposed by catweasel and elektromaier in the obj exporter contribution

obj exports from vvvv (962.1 kB)

The obj writer in Instance Noodles will work with assimp for import in vvvv. Might be your writer is fine already though- that obj you posted looks like it has NANs in it. Don’t know if that’s your problem but wouldn’t surprise me.

thanks kyle :)
I adapted to your system now and it works

The meshes look pretty cool. Some infos on how you generated them and what they are intended for would be nice :)

hey gegenlich. i am working on some sort of generative level editor.
will post more about it when it is more evolved…