Nvidia stereo real 3d - creating stereo image in vvvv

Hi, i wanted to try to get some real 3d stereo effect using vvvv, a 120hz monitor and the 3d vision kit by nvidia (link here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d-vision-main.html).

With a little search on the forum i found a couple of threads talking about this, so i started doing some tests starting from the patch from Desaxismundi found here: sites/default/files/user-files/stereocam.zip
It was made to get the 3d effect using red/blue glasses so i modified it to get the left and right images switching on the main renderer at a 120hz frequency (in the same way as the patch found here: sites/default/files/user-files/ShutterGlasses_0.v4p ).
At the beginning i had some minor problems getting the framerate to 120fps but by setting the refresh rate on the main renderer at 120 and the presentational interval to “immeditaly” i could achieve that.

The only issue i’m facing now is that the mainloop fps (with time mode node set to raw) is not stable at 120fps, it goes from 118fps to 121fps, and this may cause a non perfect stereo image generated on the screen. Could this be possible or should i find its reason elsewhere?

I have uploaded a video recorded with my camera at 300fps that shows the issue in slow motion (see attached), i pointed with my finger on the screen the spot where the 2 images (left and right eye/camera) are not merging together correctly, this breaks the stereo effect and with the glasses on, watching at the whole screen, you can clearly see a “refresh horizontal line” going up and down through the monitor, that’s where the left and right images are not merging correctly.
Is there a way to avoid this kind of behaviour?

If i put the left and right eye/camera image next to each other on the main renderer (like a vertical split screen with the left eye image on the left part of the screen and the image from the right camera on the right part of the split screen) is there a third party software that in real time is able to merge the two images (as many 3d stereo video players do) and create a single stereo image? This way i could avoid making vvvv do this job…

Apart from that, i can achieve a quite good looking 3d effect from the built in nvidia driver: if in the main renderer i set d24x28 as fullscreen depthbuffer format, it is recognised as being a 3d content and the left/right images are automatically created when the renderer is set to fullscreen. This way with the glasses on, the stereo 3d effect has no problem at all, but i have no control over the eyes distance and the zero parallax point, so i’d prefer to generate the left/right camera images directly on vvvv.

I have shared the patch i’m using right now to test these features,
Wanted to thank Desaxismundi and Kalle, authors of the patches i used as reference.

Hope someone can help,
thank you all

Reference test patch for nvidia real 3d (23.8 kB)
Slow motion video of the left and right images switching on renderer (17.7 MB)

i would definitely go for the driver method and look for software or hidden driver settings to control the 3d effect. or maybe it somehow depends on the view/projection matrix configuration…