NVIDIA 360M troubles

Hi. I have some troubles with the output of my laptop, and maybe someone could help me to determine if its a probleme of settings, or the hardware dying !

On my vga secondary output, i have like horizontal glitches. As if the screen was cutted horizontally on 50 or 60 lines, and pasted with the previous image.

This is quite noticable if im making runing vertical lines from left to right, on snapshot the result is ok:

But on my screen i have this:

I presume this is more a question of settings of the NVIDIA card ?

Thanks for your suggestion and an explanation about it ;-)

i must precisethis hapens on just moving lines with some speed, a film will be ok, a fix image also

This looks like a vsync problem.

maybe try changing presentation interval from renderer inspector to wait for frame , i’m not sure , maybe setting in graphic driver… you should be able to force vertical sync.

thanks sanch. founded my computer in strange settings, surely little hands moving around…

do you have vertical sync on?
try it on and off in the renderer settings

Yesits done a little boy had played with it…