Nvidia 2D Surround tested

nothing wrong with 3h2gos and v4. I’ve used them loads and loads and loads and loads. 6 screen spans, 4 x 1080p spans, 6 x 720p, 3 screen spans, 2 screen spans. Love using them in fact because graphics card doesn’t know or care if you’re plugging or unplugging projectors into the 3h2gos.

Don’t be scared off from trying with them again if you’ve had a bad experience.

Yes, I have same experience as @xd_nitro I am really happy to have a piece of “stupid” hardware that has it’s own “dvi detective” built in.

I have heard reports of instability but have not experienced it myself and they go back quite some years, and firmware updates have made them more stable and flexible than with the first firmwares.

only annoyance I have is that when changing the resolution list you need to reboot your machine.

well well, i tried them several times over last couple of years. how comes ppl love or hate them ?

one really annoying problem i remember seeing over and over again, v4 couldnt go into the same fullscreen resolution as the windows 7 desktop resolution. is this history now?

I made a little fix that switches to a low resolution and then back to the wanted resolution, then it works.

I made this little module

GoFullscreen.v4p (11.5 kB)

if you set same same as desktop works sometimes out of the box
also small trick if you have seted up matrox internal resolution you can unistall matrox gmx, so you don’t have dumb GMX black screen when you go fullscreen

oh yeah - don’t run matrox GMX and vvvv together! - bad experience there. If you don’t need the custom/special resolutions from the 3h2g then don’t even install it. Otherwise configure your special res and the disable GMX from startup using msconfig.