Number and spreads

hi i am trying to make this things but i dont know how i can make, and i wolud like to kow if anyone can give me a way to start.

the things is it: in a circle put the number and the mumber go from 1 to …
the 1 is bigest like the circle the other and when the number increases your scale decrease . in the end that for all nunber there is as many your quantity like 1 there is only one , the 2 there is 2 and so away.

…by and thanks so muck

put a picture or something

this is the one. now i am searching to make a spread of different number in -z direction ( the 1 is the bigest and other number decrease)

Use a counter to increase your number, and than do some math with that number to decrease the scale, or do like I did and do a getslice.

Shrinking Circle.v4p (12.6 kB)

How about this?

CountDownScaler.v4p (12.0 kB)

I think ciso mean - Lets say there is 1 once and 2 twice and 3 thrice and so on… Depending on the spread count of each digit the scale shall also reduce respectively? or does this question mean something simpler?