NULL character in .v4p files

I made a small node to convert values to a binary-value-string and back so I can send it over shared memory. The patch is saved with NULL characters on the input pins of some of the other nodes.
That causes the patch not to be loaded when I try to open it (with TTY showing an error about an invalid character).
I don’t know if NULL is an invalid character for a reason, or not. If it is VVVV should perhaps save NULL characters in another way than explicitly as a NULL character. That would introduce escaping characters in strings however… Hm.

Well, just saying…

ai grand, pls attach a simple patch that is not loading.

Ah, of course. This is an excerpt from the patch I was using, just the IOBox (String) with three null chars:

nulchar.v4p (616 Bytes)

fixed for betas>25.1

if true this fixes one of the old nasties that came up once in a while. usually when working with network or rs232 nodes that would take or send some binary data as strings which contained characters not allowed in XML (which vvvv uses to save patches).

while this fix won’t let you load files that previously failed loading it rather makes sure that newly saved files don’t include invalid characters anymore by encoding them and marking the pin as encoded. on loading such a pin the saved data will be decoded to the original string including the invalid characters.

this should only have one implication: patches saved with beta>25.1 (which included invalid characters) and opened in beta<=25.1 will show garbage instead of the original data in those pins, instead of failing to load at all.

finally fixed? incredible!