Nuitrack skeletal tracking for kinect, xtion, realsense etc

hi all,

just stumbled upon this skeleton tracking framework which is compatible with multiple sensors out there. Has anyone here already tried it? should be easy to implement via VL I guess =)

Hi schlonzo,

yes, I’ve tried it very shortly, pretty fast got some results in VL. But then I had to switch to other tasks… so can’t really share the state. Hope I’ll have some more time for that. Or someone else? Everything seems pretty straight forward there.


Hey @robotanton, I’d be really keen on pushing this a bit further, would you have any time available in the near future ? ;)

I have been trying to forward Nuitrack SDK in vl this week, but seem to be failed to get the job done. I mainly encounter two problems:

(1) Since vl do not support inheritance (right?), some classes could not be used. For example, DepthFrame (Nuitrack: nuitrack.DepthFrame Class Reference) inherits Frame (Nuitrack: nuitrack.Frame< T > Class Template Reference), and I cannot get the inherited functions in the children class, DepthFrame. Here is my screenshot to show the situation:

(2) Normally, most of the forwarded events output nothing. I am not sure whether this is the “Non-Standard Events” mentioned in grey book, and I don’t know how to go on :(

Any advice?
here is my non-finished vl: VVVV.IO.Nuitrack.Nuitrack.vl (194.4 KB)

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