Nuitrack issues

I’m using Nuitrack with an Intel Realsense D435 camera and I’m not getting any output in the VVVV help patches other than pointcloud. I followed the advice to change CameraID in the config file and for a moment all the nuitrack outputs were working in VVVV, but strangely enough I have not been able to get them working again, so it may or may not be related to changing the config file.
Some other info: After trying to get it working in VVVV it often fails to work in the Nuitrack viewer until restart.
I came across an earlier post with someone stating that Nutirack was not always working for them, so if anyone has suggestions on how to solve this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

nuitrackFail This is the error from the Nuitrack viewer window during a test after trying to use it in VVVV.

@michaelvvvv What does the native Nuitrack tool show you?

You know it’s not a free tool and your sensor needs to be registered, right? You can only work with it for 3 minutes, then you have to restart the software completely.

Yar: I have a perpetual license for Nuitrack that is successfully activated. Don’t worry I read the documentation before posting here :)

What I’ve found is that although the sensor itself works fine connected via a usb v3 port, plugging it into a usb-c port prevents this Nuitrack problem from happening. At least that is what seems to be the case right now. Hopefully it continues to work but if issues arise again I will report here.

All Realsense cameras are extremely sensitive to the quality of the USB connection. Make sure that the Realsense native application indicates that USB 3.0 or higher is active. USB 2.0 on Realsense cameras gives the illusion of working, but most software may not work correctly.

Advantageously, I ask such questions and make such comments for future users who may be fortunate enough to encounter similar questions.

It was previously plugged into a usb3 port (where Nuitrack failed in VVVV), but are you suggesting that it may have incorrectly recognized it as a usb 2 device?

@michaelvvvv Cables make a difference

This is a common problem with Realsense. The port itself does not mean that Realsense is connected properly. You can always check the native (Realsense) application, it will show the connection type.

Good to know.
At first I used the cable that initially shipped with the camera so assumed it would be sufficient.
Also just want to make clear that all other features of the depth camera worked perfectly in vvvv with the initial cable, it was just the Nuitrack vvvv setup that had problems.

This is a very common misconception.
In short, for some mysterious reason, no, it’s not.

Always check the USB connection type of Realsense cameras in the SDK supplied application.