Nugets AnyCPU

hej, azeno i guess

would be great to make it possible (and default to) allowing AnyCPU builds. there’re too many contributions out here that wouldn’t need a seperate x86 and x64 build

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yep, was not easy to get an AnyCPU build for vaudio, but SlimDX makes it impossible to build the vvvv sdk to AnyCPU. We could think of a package which contains the x86 binaries but is labelled as AnyCPU. this is how i tricked the ms build system for vaudio.

i keep referencing the local dlls, which is not a nice workaround either.
but i’m not talking about that general split between x86 and x64 which is completely understandable. vvvv.plugininterface, vvvv.utils, etc nugets could allow anycpu builds however

Our packages (version 34.101 and above) should now work in AnyCPU - you’ll however have to live with a compiler warning when using the VVVV.SlimDX package.

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Hi Elias,

could you please elaborate on that? It does not seem to work for me, and looking into the nuget from e.g. plugininterfaces, I still find only dedicated targets for specifically x86 and x64 builds.
What csproj/xml snippet is necessary to get this to work?

Referencing the nuget and trying to compile to AnyCPU will fail because “PluginInterfaces” cannot be found.
Same goes for the generic nodes.

As of beta35 the official vvvv packages on contain the AnyCPU configuration. no need for ‘pre-release’ setting or special nuget server anymore, unless you need features that are only available in the current alpha releases.

It’s only available in our alpha packages yet. You need to use as package source and make sure to include pre-release packages.

Oh and make sure your project targets .net 4.6! Otherwise the package won’t show up in the package dialog.

looking good, just updated the time pack successfully.

it now needs 4.6 though, i am not sure if that’s what you intended.

Well next vvvv release (beta35) will also target 4.6 - so should be fine. beta34 (+ eventual bugfix releases) will stay on .net 4.0.