Nugets 34.2.1 AnyCPU not working

following the good ol’ tradition of starting a new VS project with failing vvvv nugets, i have the following:

  1. the version 34.2.1 is not uptodate, right ?
  2. choosing AnyCPU now fails again, see screenshot. choosing x86 / x64 works though

are your project settings set to .NET framework version to 4.6.1?

As of version 34.101 the packages should work in AnyCPU - for details see here

this is the nugets from our build server, see here:

the only vvvv nugets that work with AnyCPU on are the 35.0 ones… do you need the old nugets for som specific reason?

this is why i started this thread:

yes my project is .net4.6.1
yes, my nuget source is vvvv
no, there is no 35.0 nuget in the list, 34.2.1 is the latest i can choose from, see screenshot
even this version does not work as AnyCPU

the official 35.0 ones are on

aha, thank you. did i miss something or was this info never published. i’m still referring to the manual you just linked.

the official packages have always been on this info is indeed missing in the blogpost, but it was in an older post, i think…

yeah nuget doesn’t add plugininterfaces and utils to references automatically you have to browse for them manually even when .net 4.6.1 is set with anycpu

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